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Welcome to the Hearth and Forge – a farm to table restaurant on the edge of Ashville, Illinois. Brigid, Norse goddess of hearth and forge, runs the restaurant. Her husband Bress, god of harvest and husbandry, runs the farm. They give aid to any who ask for it. Just be careful what you ask for – it may not be what you want. It will be what you need. With two gods in residence, the Hearth and Forge is a beacon to gods, fairies, demons and other magical creatures as well as humans. It’s a place for good food, great company and a bit of adventure.

The Hearth and Forge is a diverse world with equally diverse authors. Misty Carlisle likes to keep things spicy. Milli Gilbert likes to subvert the tried and true tropes to find new stories. Becca Patterson has a unique view of the world that she loves to share with her readers. Sammie Maxwell sees the rules as an obstacle course to be conquered. They are all trope twisters and world benders, taking pride in their memberships in the Evil Author God Society.

The authors of the Hearth and Forge work hard to bring you quality content and entertaining stories. Please help support us so we can continue to provide the content and books that you love so much. For exclusive behind the scenes content, please join us on Patreon as well.

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