Custom - Decorative Wooden Spoons - Collection
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Custom Wooden Spoon Christmas Gifts

Custom - Decorative Wooden Spoons - Collection
A really good friend of my family from Utah reached out to me after having seen one of the hand-burned wooden spoons I made a few years ago posted on My Instagram Profile. She wanted to know if I could make 20 spoons for her to give to her daughters and lady friends as Christmas gifts.

Well, it’s for this very type of request that we decided to get the laser engraving machine!

It would have been very time consuming and laborious for me to hand-burn 20 wooden spoons! And very expensive for her! So, a perfect job for laser engraving!

Having had the machine for nearly two months now, and practiced on lots and lots of different items and materials, I thought this would be a great opportunity to test out engraving on something of this unusual size and shape.

So, I told her “Sure!”

And I immediately recruited my software engineer and my laser engraver tech hubby, Jeff, to assist me with all of the technical specifications to get the placement just right.

Christmas Spoons - Before Ribbons It took a few tries…and a second order of spoons from our supplier…to get them just right, lol! But we finally got the settings all dialed in so that each spoon was burned just right!

She wanted three different versions of essentially the same design: You Are Special, Daughters Are Special, and Sisters Are Special.

I offered to finish each one off with a cute, hand-tied Christmas ribbon.

She loved them!

Price to her for each completed spoon was just $15.00.

She was thrilled with the way they turned out! And even followed up with a note to me to tell her how much her ladies loved their gifts!

This was a very rewarding project and I also was really pleased with the way these cute little wooden spoon decorations turned out 😉